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William Adams will.adams at
Mon Oct 8 07:13:15 EDT 2007

On Oct 7, 2007, at 12:18 PM, André Bellaïche wrote:

> And as I needed oldstyle figures and small capitals, I had to work  
> a little more.
> Today, I am facing the following problem: A friend of mine, a  
> mathematician, has written a rather philosophical book, maybe with  
> one or two equations. The manuscript is in LaTeX, and for the  
> present time, typeset in Computer Modern (rather ugly for novels  
> and philosophy). The publisher is willing to accept any pdf file,  
> and all the titles in the series in which the manuscript has been  
> accepted are typeset in Garamond. To convert the book of my friend  
> into a Garamond pdf file, I have to do the same kind of work  
> described above (or is there a better way?). Fortunately, Garamond  
> is the standard example in font installation guides.
> Moreover, he works on a PC, so I shall not be able to put all the  
> needed files (made on my Mac) into the right places. I hope that if  
> I put all the files in the same directory where his files are, it  
> will work.

Which Garamond though?

This is trivial if one has the (commercial) Adobe Garamond Type 1  
font files --- as you noted it's one of the examples.

Won't get you math though. Alan Hoenig does discuss this a bit in his  
book _TeX Unbound_ however.

S P Suresh and Peter Dyballa's suggestion of using URW Garamond is  
good if acceptable to the publisher, but if you're submitting a .pdf  
you'll probably need to do a bit more than just change the font (set  
up margins, chapter openers, type sizes &c.)

Probably, on Windows it'll be easier since MikTeX has a facility for  
loading package over the 'net.


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