[OS X TeX] LaTeX Font warnings: Font shape

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 17:43:12 EDT 2007

On Oct 22, 2007, at 4:40 PM, Alan Munn wrote:

> At 4:04 PM -0400 10/22/07, Alain Schremmer wrote:
>> LaTeX gives me the following:
>> 	LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `T1/lmr/bx/sc' undefined
>> 	(Font)              using `T1/lmr/bx/n' instead on input line 67.
> This simply means that the font  (lmodern roman) you chose doesn't  
> have bold small caps, so it substituted normal shape instead.
>> 	LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `T1/lmss/m/sc' in size <10> not  
>> available
>> 	(Font)              Font shape `T1/lmr/m/sc' tried instead on  
>> input line 96.
> This one says that the font you chose (lmodern sans) doesn't have  
> small caps either, and so roman was substituted here.
> These are not problems you can fix since the fonts simply don't  
> have the relevant shapes.

I always knew that I should not have anything to do with fonts.

I think I switched to LatinModern on general advice from this list so  
I didn't worry until just an hour ago.

Thanks to your explanations, I have stopped worrying and am not about  
to do anything.

>> For what it is worth,
>> a. After clean installing 10.4.9, I made a clean i-install of  
>> gwTeX and, I think, gwTeX Support: CM-Super.
>> b. In my preamble I still have from my previous installation:
>> 		\usepackage{lmodern}
>> 		\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
>> 		\usepackage{textcomp}
>> 	possibly because of
>> 		\DeclareMathAlphabet{\denom}{OT1}{cmss}{sbc}{n}
> This certainly isn't the cause, although I'm not sure why you want  
> this to be OT1 as opposed to T1

I can't remember.

> (and for consistency presumably this should be lmss instead of cmss.

I  need a font to distinguish a certain category of terms.

>> Since the errors are not fatal and the output suits me, I don't  
>> really care but I am curious. How can I find out what is going on?
> Some of this is covered in the LaTeX Companion in Chap. 7

That's what I used to arrive at the above DeclareMathAlphabet.

> although it doesn't specifically address the error in a way that  
> would be helpful.

I sure agree.

Very grateful regards

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