[OS X TeX] Shadows of pdf in Keynote

Chris Goedde cgg.lists at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 12:04:40 EDT 2008

I wrote:

> On my machine, if I highlight text in the pdf in TeXShop using the  
> Text tool and drag it to a slide, the shadows are applied to the  
> letters in Keynote. If I select an area using the selection tool in  
> TeXShop and drag it to a slide, the bounding rectangle casts a  
> shadow. Maybe just using the text tool instead of the selection  
> rectangle is the key? It seems to me that TeXShop's behavior is  
> desirable here.

I'm being stupid here. Of course using the text tool just grabs the  
text, and doesn't preserve the typesetting. So that's not what you want.

I did figure out what is going on, though. The selection tool in  
TeXShop is changing the background from transparent to white, hence  
the behavior in Keynote. So you might ask Richard Koch to change the  
behavior (or file a bug against TeXShop). You might also look for a  
tool to make the background of the clipping transparent again. You  
might also try opening the pdf in Preview (or some other pdf viewer)  
and cropping it there. Keynote 3 is broken, though, it doesn't  
correctly recognize the cropping of pdf's done in Preview (don't know  
if that's different in Keynote 4).

The pdf created by TeXShop doesn't have this problem, so if you drag  
an entire page to keynote, you can still create the type of shadow you  
want. It seems to be the selection tool in TeXShop in particular that  
makes the background opaque.


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