[OS X TeX] Shadows of pdf in Keynote

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Apr 4 12:43:56 EDT 2008

Le 4 avr. 08 à 18:21, Peter Vamos a écrit :

> At 14:51 +0200 4/4/08, Bruno Voisin wrote:
>> Appended below are screenshots with and without shadow, all with  
>> default settings in Keynote 4.0.3 and TeXShop 2.15.
> I don't know how you did it. used to work for me but not now. Two  
> points:
> In TS Preferences -> Copy you can tick Color Mapping and set the  
> background, the tool-tip says: to set background to transparent set  
> opacity to 0 and use TIFF, PNG or PDG
> But there is no option to have the Copy to be PDG (what is this?).

Just a typo for PDF probably.

> Tried PNG without success but I see that your attached images are  
> PNG. Is this how you did them?

No, these are just screenshots (using Cmd-Shift-4) of part of the  
Keynote window after (1) copying the selected area in TeXShop in PDF  
format, (2) pasting in Keynote then (3) applying a shadow using the  
Graphic Inspector. PNG is the default format for screenshots in OS X  
(starting from Tiger IIRC).

All this with default settings: I did not change any setting in  
TeXShop's Preferences > Copy > Color Mapping, nor in Keynote's Graphic  
Inspector > Graphic > Shadow.

I suspect what you see results from either some preference change you  
applied in either TeXShop or Keynote, or some incompatibility between  
your versions of Keynote, TeXShop and OS X. My configuration: OS X  
10.5.2, Keynote 4.0.3, TeXShop 2.15.


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