[OS X TeX] hyperref and apacite

Salvatore Enrico Indiogine hindiogine at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 20:28:26 EDT 2008


On 04/04/2008, Herbert Schulz <herbs at wideopenwest.com> wrote:
>  The hyperref package loads the url package but then re-defines some
> commands.

Well, the situation has worsened.   When I have only apacite and url I
get the following:

!Undefined control sequence.
%->\Url at percent

I.740 -2005.pdf}

Line 740 is not in my tex file, but probably refers to a the following
block in the bbl file:

Ullrich, C.%
\BBOQ{}\APACrefatitle{Course {G}eneration {B}ased on {HTN} {P}lanning}{Course
  {G}eneration {B}ased on {HTN} {P}lanning}.\BBCQ{}
\BIn{} A.~Jedlitschka\ \BBA{} B.~Brandherm\ (\BEDS), \APACrefbtitle{Proceedings
  of the {A}nnual {W}orkshop of the {SIG} {A}daptivity and {U}ser {M}odeling in
  {I}nteractive {S}ystems}{Proceedings of the {A}nnual {W}orkshop of the {SIG}
  {A}daptivity and {U}ser {M}odeling in {I}nteractive {S}ystems}\ (\BPG~74-79).
\APACaddressPublisher{Saarbr\"ucken, Germany}{}.
-2005.pdf} \end{APACrefURL}

If I hit <enter> a couple of times, the compilation continues and a
good pdf is generated.
I need the url package to break the long URLs in the references.

Trashing the aux files has no effect as well as changing the order of
apacite and hyperref.

If I take out the \usepackage{url} and place the

I can compile once and get ? for citations, but the references are
good.  If I compile again it stops at:

!Undefined control sequence.
\hyper@@link ->\let \Hy at reserved@a
          \relax \@ifnextchar [{\hyper at link@ }{\hyp....

and then complains about the first citation.  Even repeated <enter>
will not complete the compilation.

What a mess!


Enrico Indiogine

Mathematics Education
Texas A&M University
hindiogine at gmail.com

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