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Salvatore Enrico Indiogine hindiogine at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 21:10:41 EDT 2008


On 04/04/2008, Alan Litchfield <alan at alphabyte.co.nz> wrote:
>  I assume you have not had a chaace to read the very informative pdf Erik wrote
>  and that provides a good deal of information about how to handle url's.
>  I normally put electronic source data into the HowPublished field in the way
>  that Erik has recommended:
>  >From p24
>  "howpublished:
>  "A description of how something was "published". For example, "Unpublished
>  or "Paper presented at the meeting of the American Professional Society on the
>  of Children". Also used for more retrieval information about electronic
>  documents, e.g."Retrieved November 19, 2000, from the PsycARTICLES database",
>  or
>  howpublished = {Retrieved August 24, 2000, from Columbia University, Institute
>  for Learning Technologies Web site: \url{http://www.ilt.columbia.edu/
>  publications/papers/newwine1.html}\bibnodot{.}}
>  "However, if the retrieval information consists only of a date and/or a URL,
>  it is better to use the lastchecked and url fields for this and let
>  apacite format this information. See also the note field for an
>  alternative to the howpublished field."
>  I don't make url's clickable so I usually break them myself, but I guess if it
>  necessary to do so then I suggest you read pp41-42.
>  About the line:
> \url{http://www.activemath.org/publications/Ullrich-CourseGenerationHTN-ABIS%
>  > -2005.pdf} \end{APACrefURL}
> It looks like there is a line break that has been added in the bbl file. What
>  happens if you delete the % and line break?

Thanks to you all I am making some progess:

1. in the bbl file, any url that goes beyond column 80 is hard wrapped
to the next line and that is where the error occurs as you have found
out.  I wonder why it wraps at column 80?

80 I a setting in Aquamacs for fill size, however, I was using
TeXShop.  Strange!

If I edit all those URL lines that are longer than 80, then it compiles ok.

2. Previously I used the Howpublished field in BibTeX.  Then I noticed
that if I have both Howpublished and URL fields, the URL is duplicated
in the reference.  If you remove the Howpublished field and have a URL
date field.  Then BiBTeX will automagically create the "Retrieved on
... from ...".

Maybe I should go back to using the Howpublished field in BibTeX.

3. Now, if I could get apacite and hyperref working together.....

Thanks to you all,

Enrico Indiogine

Mathematics Education
Texas A&M University
hindiogine at gmail.com

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