[OS X TeX] Re: I can't get TeX + Ghostscript to work (Herbert Schulz)

Dr. John R. Vokey drjohnrvokey at mac.com
Sun Apr 6 02:15:14 EDT 2008

Any, even minimal, LaTeX file appears to have the same problem if (but  
not otherwise) I include the line:


which, of course, I use to read in all my graphics (as they are pdf)  
when I don't use TeX+ Ghostscript.  My problem here is that I need to  
use to TeX4ht to generate an openoffice document, thence to #$%$#@  
Word that many journals stupidly, ignorantly, and without any frigging  
justification I can fathom demand.  Actually, I was just testing  
whether this route would work for those of so enlightened as to use  
apa.cls and apacite to produce apa perfect pdf documents, only to have  
some ignorant publishing house demand we ruin the whole thing by  
providing it in M$Absurd.  That one line seems to kill it.  Although  
why it should have pdftex take over for the entire document is a bit  

On 5-Apr-08, at 1:00 PM, macosx-tex-request at email.esm.psu.edu wrote:
> A minimal but complete example of a source file that shows this
> problem is needed. Place the command \listfiles before the
> \documentclass{...} command and also let us know what the contents of
> the log file say. Also, what TeX distribution are you using? I'm still
> guessing that either the documentclass or one of your included
> packages is old and doing some testing for pdftex incorrectly.
> Good Luck,
> Herb Schulz

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