[OS X TeX] hyperref and apacite

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sun Apr 6 18:45:21 EDT 2008

Hello David,

On 07/04/2008, at 7:47 AM, David Watson wrote:
> Ross,
> With the latest hyperref and apacite, I get the same problems.
> Mac OS 10.5.2, TeXShop Version 2.14-svn (2.14), Version 1.3.14 (v1008)

The version of  apacite  that I have contains the following:

%% apacite.sty : citation and reference list according to APA manual
%% Written by Erik Meijer <e.meijer at eco.rug.nl>
%% Contains code adapted from
%%   index.sty [1995/09/28 v4.1beta Improved index support (dmj)],
%%   hyperref.dtx [6.71, 2000/10/04],
%%   babel.def [2001/03/01, v3.7h],
%%   backref.dtx [1.20, 2002/06/09],
%% and code (used with permission) provided by others:
%%   Ross Moore, Stefan Bj\"ork.

\NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e}[1998/06/01] % Should this be a later one?
\ProvidesPackage{apacite}[2005/06/08 APA citation]

OK; I see now that there is a later version at CTAN,
dated  September 2007.
Its documentation contains a comment:

\item Resolved many compatibility problems between \pkg{apacite} and
       other packages, esp.\ \pkg{natbib}, \pkg{hyperref}, and several
       packages that can be used to generate multiple bibliographies
       (see section~\ref{sec:compat}). The \pkgoption{hyper} and
       \pkgoption{nohyper} have thus become obsolete and now give
       innocuous warnings.

Maybe that hasn't been done right, or maybe recent changes
to  hyperref  have re-introduced some of the incompatibilities.
Or maybe Salvatore isn't fully up to date either.

I'll look into it further, but need to know what versions
are being used by Salvatore, and others, now.

>     David

Thanks for the heads-up on this.



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