[OS X TeX] linking spelling interface and \newcommand

Josep M. Font jmfont at orangecorreo.es
Tue Apr 8 15:30:25 EDT 2008

El 08/04/2008, a las 18:26, Herbert Schulz escribió:

> Hmmm... I thought that CocoAspell (used it all the time but I've  
> had problems since switching to Leopard---it won't find any  
> misspellings even if I deliberately misspell a word) and Excalibur  
> (an external application) knew about LaTeX commands and what  
> arguments to skip.

Hmmm... What about a \let\foo\ExistingCommandWithArguments in the  
preamble ? I think I recall Excalibur being fooled about this, since  
it expects to find the (maybe several) arguments of the existing  

(I can't try, I can use it no more with Latin-1 encoded files)


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