[OS X TeX] Setting up dissertation text

Toke Lindegaard Knudsen toke_knudsen at brown.edu
Wed Apr 9 11:49:12 EDT 2008

Hi Alan,

>> This does not relate to TeX on Mac specifically, but I am hoping that 
>> someone might be able to offer me a hint.
>> I am handing in my dissertation soon, and the following rules have to 
>> be followed:
> Assuming your thesis matches your e-mail address, it would probably be 
> easiest to use the Brown thesis class:
> http://olympus.het.brown.edu/~danieldf/latex/
> The documentation is in the file itself.  Put it in 
> ~/Library/texmf/latex

Wow, thanks!  (Also to everybody else who responded.)  I had no idea 
this existed.  Other people I know use LaTeX, but they are in the same 
boat as me:  How do we do this?  Anyway, I will check this out over the 
next few days.  Excellent, but I feel a little silly having overlooked 
this.  Hopefully it will work.

Thanks again!


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