[OS X TeX] Avoiding page breaks

Matthew Leingang leingang at math.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 14 14:06:13 EDT 2008

On Apr 14, 2008, at 12:10 PM, Chris Goedde wrote:
> \newcommand\Nopagebreak{\@nobreaktrue\nopagebreak}
> You'll have to put this in a style file or make @ active (or  
> inactive, I don't remember) if you put it at the top of your tex file.

I think you mean you need to make @ at letter, which you can achieve  
with the \makeatletter  macro.

When you're finished, use \makeatother.

So the complete tip would be


--Matthew Leingang

Matthew Leingang
Preceptor in Mathematics
Harvard University


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