[OS X TeX] The Font Cache Problem

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 22:51:56 EDT 2008

On Apr 13, 2008, at 12:05 PM, Richard Koch wrote:
> Folks,
> Many of you are aware of the following bug: you'll be running one  
> or more TeX front ends and/or utilities and suddenly the  
> mathematical symbols will disappear in the preview output. Further  
> inspection shows that a different font without these symbols has  
> been substituted for the correct font. Once one application has the  
> problem, other TeX apps also have font problems, even if closed and  
> restarted. To fix the problem, it is necessary to reboot the  
> machine or use a utility to clear the font cache.

Here is something new—at least to me.

A several hours long TeXShop-Intaglio session without anything wrong  
or any warning of impending disaster. (No that's not what's new.)

I had VLC playing from a Linux server (No, I didn't set it up myself)  
and all was well.

Then, after VLC finished playing a folder, I went to browse and …  
most of the names were garbaged. I took that as a warning of  
impending disaster and closed TeXShop.

Then, without doing anything else, I relaunched it and all was fine  
with VLC which I had not even closed.


[I am still running Version 2.14 under 10.4.11 on a PPC.]

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