[OS X TeX] LaTeX2html Basics?

Richard J Benish rjbenish at teleport.com
Sun Apr 27 11:31:14 EDT 2008

I assume you mean entering these commands into the preamble of the 
to-be-converted document. When I try that, the rendering hangs up 
more (I need to press Enter more to keep it going). In the end I get 
the same thing as before: a lot of question marks where the equations 
are supposed to be. Does it matter exactly where in the preamble the 
commands are entered? Could there be a conflict with any of the other 

As for HeVeA, assuming that I was able to figure out how to achieve a 
"working OCaml installation," at what stage do I invoke "make" and 
"sudo make install"? And what exactly does that mean?

These must seem like elementary questions whose answers to many may 
be obvious. Please have mercy. I know what I want to do. But I'm just 
a beginner.

Many thanks.

Richard Benish

>Am 27.04.2008 um 05:49 schrieb Richard J Benish:
>>The SimpleTeX4ht works well for converting text. And it will even 
>>nicely create a separate page for each LaTeX document Section. But 
>>I'm not getting anything at all for my equations. Am I missing 
>>something or is this all it is designed to do?
>Does it work better with
>	\usepackage{fourier}
>	\usepackage{mathptmx}
>>The documentation on HeVeA gives the impression that converting and 
>>maintaining the integrity of  equations is one of its selling 
>>points. But the "Installation" and "Principles" sections are 
>>clearly not intended for simple minds like my own. Are there 
>>alternatives to HeVeA that come with user-friendly instructions, or 
>>is this the only tool available? If it's the only tool available, 
>>any advice on how a non-geek might learn to install and use it 
>>without too much pain?
>For HeVeA 1.10 I did not need to change Makefile. So I just invoked 
>make, and later 'sudo make install'.
>Before you can do so you need a working OCaml installation. (Fink 
>can install all at once.)
>   Pete
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