[OS X TeX] Re: LaTeX2html Basics?

Rob Rye rye at usc.edu
Sun Apr 27 16:26:34 EDT 2008

> As for HeVeA, assuming that I was able to figure out how to achieve a
> "working OCaml installation," at what stage do I invoke "make" and
> "sudo make install"? And what exactly does that mean?

To install oCaml go to:


Grab the appropriate disc image. If you are running on a PPC machine  


If you are running on an Intel machine try:


Open the package and run the installer. This should put ocaml in the  
canonical location. Then, and only then, you can install HeVeA.

I am not sure of your familiarity with the command line, given your  
question about make and sudo make install, so I may be giving much  
too detailed instructions. If that is the case, please forgive the  

1) open a terminal window
2) cd to the directory that contains the download
3) gnutar -xvzf hevea-1.10.tar.gz (this will unpack the hevea source  
4) cd hevea-1.10
5) make
6) wait for it to finish
7) sudo make install (you must invoke sudo as you will be putting  
things where only root is allowed to put things and sudo is a pseudo  
root (temporary) user)
8) when it is done you should have a working installation of hevea
9) type which hevea to find out where it is.. (it should be in /usr/ 
local/bin make sure /usr/local/bin  is in your path)

> These must seem like elementary questions whose answers to many may
> be obvious. Please have mercy. I know what I want to do. But I'm just
> a beginner.
> Many thanks.
> Richard Benish
>> Am 27.04.2008 um 05:49 schrieb Richard J Benish:
>>> The SimpleTeX4ht works well for converting text. And it will even
>>> nicely create a separate page for each LaTeX document Section. But
>>> I'm not getting anything at all for my equations. Am I missing
>>> something or is this all it is designed to do?
>> Does it work better with
>> 	\usepackage{fourier}
>> or
>> 	\usepackage{mathptmx}
>>> The documentation on HeVeA gives the impression that converting and
>>> maintaining the integrity of  equations is one of its selling
>>> points. But the "Installation" and "Principles" sections are
>>> clearly not intended for simple minds like my own. Are there
>>> alternatives to HeVeA that come with user-friendly instructions, or
>>> is this the only tool available? If it's the only tool available,
>>> any advice on how a non-geek might learn to install and use it
>>> without too much pain?
>> For HeVeA 1.10 I did not need to change Makefile. So I just invoked
>> make, and later 'sudo make install'.
>> Before you can do so you need a working OCaml installation. (Fink
>> can install all at once.)
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