[OS X TeX] TeXmaker

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Tue Apr 29 04:47:37 EDT 2008

Axel E. Retif schrieb:

>> One question remains, though: Could someone please tell me how to 
>> input \item in list environments with a shortcut? The drop-down menu 
>> says "SHIFT-CMD-|", but this does not work, it produces a backslash on 
>> my German keyboard.
> I've set my keyboard to German (and tried some characters to be sure it 
> was indeed German) and command-shift-i *does produce* an \item 
> (option-shift-7 produces a backslash).

Ah, thank you, so that's a capital I, they put in the menu, not a pipe 
like this: | ... works here, too.


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