[OS X TeX] xdvi under Tiger

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Wed Jan 9 10:12:19 EST 2008

Peter Dyballa schrieb:

>> Thanks für explaining. I've run your script and it's created 
>> .MacOSX/environment.plist in my home directory. Is there anything else 
>> I have to add to evironment.plist now?
> Nothing more is necessary. 

Yes. You have to re-start OS X, of course, ar at least you have to log 
out and log in again, as it says here: 
http://wiki.lyx.org/Mac/Environment 8-) That's all. Now starting xdvi 
works from within Apple's terminal.

> You can set/use AUCTeX in any Emacs. You have also the option to use 
> texdoc as *the* viewer for everything TeX related. Just prepare a local 
> copy (only this one will survive a "TeX update") in ~/bin with the 
> appropriate applications for the file formats used, and you're done. You 
> can also extend X11's Applications menu. And you have the option to use 
> PDF viewers (as integrated into TeXShop for example) for DVI output, 
> too. Most of them quietly convert DVI to PDF before displaying anything.

Thanks again, Pete. It all works fine now. Configuring AUCTeX will be 
the next step. Although I like TeXShop for small tasks such as writing 
letters I would like to stay with Emacs in general. So I prefer the 
usual X11 appliations. Nice to have xdvi for working now. 8-)


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