[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 1.3.13

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Sat Jan 12 01:04:33 EST 2008

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk  
1.3.13 is now available for download at <http://bibdesk.sf.net>.   
There are some major new features and fixes in this release, and we  
recommend that you back up your BibTeX file before using the new  
version (actually, we recommend that you back it up regularly).  We've  
been working on this and testing it for some time, and hope that  
you'll find some welcome improvements.

Many thanks to our nightly build testers who filed bug reports and  
helped polish the new features!  Thanks also to Corentin Cras-Méneur  
for updating the French translation.  If (when) you do encounter bugs,  
please use the link on the Help menu to report them.

Old export templates that rely on Local-Url fields should be updated  
or reset.  If you haven't customized them, you should reset them  
manually in the Templates preference pane via the "Reset Default  
Files" button.  AutoFile formats now require a unique specifier, and  
you may wish to check your format.

Changes since 1.3.12

New Features
   - New interface for linked files.  Files are saved with a relative  
path and an alias, so moving files in the Finder or switching machines  
shouldn't break the links.  AutoFile now works with an arbitrary  
number of files.  See the Database -> Migrate Files menu option for  
converting permanently to the new system.
   - File matching now uses phrase searching on Leopard, since Apple  
fixed it
   - Quick Look now supports any plain text types that we claim
   - Crossref column can be added to main table
   - The new text encoding extended attribute introduced on Leopard is  
now supported
   - Added support for counter in collections in templates
   - Editor now uses NSTableView instead of NSForm
   - URL and title will be set when dropping a webloc file on the main  
window to create a new entry
   - New version of latex2rtf, based on current development sources  
(improved bibliography and encoding support)
   - ED tag for editors in .isi file import is now respected
   - File content search now respects the current group selection and  
only replaces the tableview
   - Template improvements: can sort an array by author, author or  
editor, title
   - Editors are accessible via AppleScript
   - Default scripts are now at the top of the script menu, and user  
scripts are shown under a separator

Bugs Fixed
   - Exceptions are always logged to the console now
   - Worked around a drawing performance problem on 10.5 (bug #1834337)
   - Fixed setObject:forKey: nil assertion failure that happened when  
the group table font set in prefs was no longer available
   - Quick Look preview now uses RTF instead of HTML, so it wraps to  
the window
   - Search buttons are now standard rollover buttons, so more  
consistent with Apple apps
   - Reduced memory footprint during initial file content search  
   - Faster file content search indexing
   - Fixed some potential crashing bugs in file content search
   - File content index no longer leaks if the document is closed  
during initial indexing
   - PubMed MH is no longer converted to Keywords
   - Search indexes are now updated correctly when editing abstract/ 
annote is finished
   - Fixed a threading bug in Bonjour sharing shutdown
   - Search indexes now index an unlimited number of terms instead of  
stopping at 2000 (fixes bug in searching long annote/abstract)
   - Default macros are now resolved in TeX preview
   - Skim notes in .pdfd, .skim, and .ps files are now read correctly
   - Fixed a rare problem that occurred due to changes in sorting of  
file content search (bug #1837498)
   - We now use a more strict character set for cite keys (characters  
outside the ASCII range are disallowed in the UI, as they always have  
been in the parser)
   - Removed splitview in editor, so the integer field controls are  
shown in full
   - Rating field can now be removed
   - Reading extended attributes will now fail more gracefully when  
the system returns an insane length value
   - Integer and note fields are no longer inherited in AppleScript  
and previewing
   - Large batches of changes will now cause fewer search index  
flushes for improved performance
   - Table selection is preserved again during file content search  
   - Expansion rects and font colors are handled more correctly on  
   - Level indicator cells now draw with a better color when selected
   - The wrong row is no longer selected after editing a macro key  
(bug #1859542)
   - Updating while editing during a search should be improved
   - Fixed crash under some circumstances when changing pub type
   - Fixed Leopard expansion tooltips
   - Custom alert sheet size now matches Apple's alerts, and they  
support multi-line messages
   - Fix a bug that could prevent adding some columns to the main table
   - Person window and table in editor should be more consistent now
   - Fixed a crash in the PubMed loading code and the Dublin Core XML  
   - Worked around an Apple bug that broke saving to AFP volumes (bug  
   - Fix some issues with tracking rects in the main table

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