[OS X TeX] BBedit and LaTeX integration under Leopard

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 12 16:27:40 EST 2008

On 12 jan 2008, at 22:21, David Airey wrote:

> Dear Maarten (and others),
> Thank you. I tried your solution from your site, but I get the  
> following from my terminal:
> AireyDC:~ dairey$ /Users/dairey/Library/ShellScripts/CompileTeX- 
> engine -pdflatex '/Users/dairey/Documents/Jobs/jobs_2008/ 
> U_Chicago_2008/letter.tex'
> ~/Documents/Jobs/jobs_2008/U_Chicago_2008 ~
> /Users/dairey/Library/ShellScripts/CompileTeX-engine: line 477:  
> pdflatex: command not found
> My Mac Tex 2007 is otherwise correctly installed, I'm guessing,  
> because TexShop compiles readily.

No, it isn't: pdflatex is not in your path, or it seems that way.

Can you post the result of the commands when executed in the terminal:

echo $PATH | tr ':' '\n'
which tex
env | grep 'TEX[^T]'

Since TeXShop uses the full paths from its own preferences, it works  
even when the terminal doesn't.



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