[OS X TeX] printing problem

Fred Mayer fmayer at sysmatrix.net
Thu Jan 17 08:31:23 EST 2008

I am looking for help in fixing a printing problem. I have used  
OzTex5.2 successfully my old Mac G4 but recently upgraded to a new  
iMac with OSX.5 (leopard). The Oz seems to work fine except it won't  
print on my Epson EPL-5700i which it did on my old system.  One thing  
that seems strange is that under File, the "Force PostScript Printing"  
is checked but not highlighted. I have tried numerous things any can't  
get it to work. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any  
solutions? I'll appreciate suggestions. Thanks.
   -Fred Mayer

Frederick J. Mayer, PhD, President
Mayer Applied Research Inc.

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