[OS X TeX] printing problem

John Rawnsley J.Rawnsley at warwick.ac.uk
Thu Jan 17 11:34:54 EST 2008

On Jan 17, 2008, at 13:31, Fred Mayer wrote:

> Hello,
> I am looking for help in fixing a printing problem. I have used  
> OzTex5.2 successfully my old Mac G4 but recently upgraded to a new  
> iMac with OSX.5 (leopard). The Oz seems to work fine except it won't  
> print on my Epson EPL-5700i which it did on my old system.  One  
> thing that seems strange is that under File, the "Force PostScript  
> Printing" is checked but not highlighted. I have tried numerous  
> things any can't get it to work. Has anyone else experienced this  
> problem? Any solutions? I'll appreciate suggestions. Thanks.

There's a mailing list specifically for OzTeX questions, see


The latest and last OzTeX is 5.3b2 so it might be worth trying that.

"Force Postscript Printing" is checked and greyed out because there is  
no longer any alternative low level printing code. OzTeX just sends  
postscript to the CUPS printing system.

I am using OzTeX 5.3b2 under Leopard on an Intel iMac to process and  
print my latex files daily and it is still working for me, but I print  
to a LaserWriter 4/600 PS which is my default printer. OzTeX uses  
dvips to convert foo.dvi to foo.ps and then uses the command 'lpr  
foo.ps' which sends foo.ps to the default CUPS printer leaving CUPS to  
handle the PS conversion for non-PS printers.

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