[OS X TeX] printing problem

John Rawnsley J.Rawnsley at warwick.ac.uk
Fri Jan 18 03:33:02 EST 2008


On Jan 17, 2008, at 19:05, Fred Mayer wrote:

> When I try to print, I get an error message that says Oz can't find  
> the "tex.pro" or "tex-std.pro" files that are correctly loacted in  
> the search path...it's strange. My printer works fine with all other  
> apps on the iMac. I can still create my papers using my old G4 but  
> would like to get Oz working on the new system.

That is strange. Just to see if it were some accident of my setup that  
I could print, I installed a fresh OzTeX 5.2 from the original  
archive, made no customization so that OzTeX is using only the files  
that Andrew distributes and then printed a document without changing  
any settings in the print dialog. DVIPS found the tex-std prolog and  
printed successfully. Here's the console output:

> This is dvips 5.86d Copyright 1999 Radical Eye Software (www.radicaleye.com 
> )
> Input file: dqsssrt.dvi
> Options: -p=1 -l=1 -M0 -T210mm,297mm
> ' TeX output 2008.01.14:0949' -> standard PostScript
> <tex-std.pro><special.pro><color.pro>. [0]
> Time elapsed: 0.2 seconds.

To see if your printer is involved in the failure to print or if the  
problem occurs earlier (I suspect the latter since you can print with  
other applications), try using the DVIPS entry in the Tools menu to  
convert a dvi file you have been trying to print.

  John Rawnsley | <http://go.warwick.ac.uk/jhrawnsley>

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