[OS X TeX] Utopia Fonts

Holger Frauenrath mail at frauenrath.com
Sun Jan 20 10:05:44 EST 2008

Hi Bruno,

this really helped a lot! This was he answer I was looking for. Just  
make sure: you said that Mac Postcript ...

> is the version you'll want for use with pdfLaTeX. It's the Mac OS  
> Classic font format. Putting the screen font suitcase and the LWFN  
> PostScript fonts inside /Library/Fonts or ~/Library/Fonts makes them  
> available for OS X but not for LaTeX.

and that OpenType ...

> is the most advanced version and the most "compatible" with OS X.  
> For using it with LaTeX you'll need to use XeLaTeX, not pdfLaTeX.

Could you give me a hint what are the advantages of OpenType ver the  
Postscript fonts for use in Mac applications (not LaTeX)?

And do I understand correctly that there is really no way to convert  
the OpenType fonts for LaTeX? I checked out XeLaTeX but I have to  
admit that, at this point of time, this solution seems to me a bit too  
"non-standard" for me. On the other hand, from the font tutorial you  
recommended, I had the impression (I did not carefully check this,  
though) that it may be possible to convert the OpenType fonts for use  
in LaTeX, as well.

Thanks and have a nice weekend.

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