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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Jan 20 19:52:42 EST 2008

Am 20.01.2008 um 16:05 schrieb Holger Frauenrath:

> Could you give me a hint what are the advantages of OpenType ver  
> the Postscript fonts for use in Mac applications (not LaTeX)?

OT has a straight encoding: Unicode. It can have up to 64 K glyphs.  
Can be TrueType or PostScript ("CFF, Compact Font Format") based.

Although it works to convert OT fonts to PS Type 1 (or other),  
"expert fonts" are not only a pain, I doubt that a PS "expert font"  
can be exactly built from an OT font: there are no rules where to put  
the small caps or old type digits, their names are not really strict  
(Unicode is based on position). With a text processor (XeTeX or  
Textedit for example) you can choose this or that feature (table),  
and your document will see real small caps and jumping digits instead  
of lining figures and not what you might be used from an MS product.  
Or TeX. With some effort you might succeed to create from OT fonts  
the PS "expert fonts." Otftotfm offers to select from or via the  
tables I mentioned. Provided the glyphs in the PS fonts have exactly  
the names which are used in the encodings Fourier uses for its  
commercial "expert fonts" then you'll be able to use the PS fonts.  
And it's not necessary to restrict any such dumped or converted font  
to just a few glyphs: a PostScript font can have a lot of glyphs, but  
any encoding can only have 256 entries. And since the PS encodings  
used are based on glyph names the fonts have to match the encoding  

Make a (maybe illegal) try with Antykwa Toruńska, it offers so much  
(most of the 400 glyph variants are small caps). If it works fine for  
you, you might have the same success with Utopia. And: you'll be  
allowed to return the fonts within some weeks ...

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