[OS X TeX] Keynote, latexit, LinkBack

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Jan 29 16:21:00 EST 2008

Le 29 janv. 08 à 21:39, Themis Matsoukas a écrit :

> I downloaded Keynote 4 LinkBack plugin (http://www.ucalgary.ca/~kchuang/Keynote_4_LinkBack_Plugin.zip 
> ) but it does not seem to work with Keynote 4.0.1. Any insights?

Earlier last year, after installing iWork '08 I did install the  
corresponding version of the LinkBack plugin. As far as I remember it  

However, after realizing there is no keyboard shortcut for opening an  
equation, inserted in a Keynote presentation, back in LaTeXiT where it  
was created, and that double-clicking an equation in Keynote doesn't  
open it back in LaTeXiT either, I decided I couldn't see the interest  
of using the plugin and it was simpler to just go back to my old  

- Cmd-C to copy an equation in Keynote.

- Cmd-Tab to switch to LaTeXiT.

- Cmd-A to select the whole content of the "input area".

- Cmd-V to paste the new content.

- Edit it as required.

- Cmd-L to typeset.

- Drag-and drop the equation to Keynote. (Or Cmd-Alt-C to copy the  
equation, Cmd-Tab to move back to Keynote, Cmd-V the paste the  
modified equation.)

This allows minimizing recourse to the mouse, and hence maximizes  


Bruno Voisin

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