[OS X TeX] IEEE Pdf Express 'Link annotations' error

Michel Valstar Michel.Valstar at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Jul 1 10:16:52 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm trying to submit a paper to an IEEE conference that uses IEEE PDF
express. This online tool can either verify a PDF being correctly typeset or
you can send your DVI file and images in a tar file and have the IEEE PDF
express service create a PDF for you. I tried both approaches, but both came
with the following 'failed' notification:

Document contains link annotations

Now, this seems to relate to my citations. Indeed, in my PDF, these are
hyperlinks which I can click in my PDF viewer. My question is now: how can I
turn this hyperlinking off, as the IEEE PDF express service doesn't seem to
like it. I'm using TeXShop, and typeset using Tex and Ghostscript.



Michel Valstar, Research Associate
Department of Computing
Imperial College London
180 Queens' Gate
London SW7 2AZ, U.K.

tel.: +44 20 7594 8225
fax: +44 20 7581 8024
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