[OS X TeX] Tags, BibTeX, and font question for TeXShop

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Tue Jul 1 11:24:39 EDT 2008

At 5:49 AM -0700 7/1/08, R Martinez wrote:
>I am using LaTeX with TeXShop Version 2.14 on a MacBook Pro and the 
>2007 MacTeX distribution. I will appreciate help with the following 
>three issues.
>3. I tried to use the mathbb font shown in TeXShop's LaTeX panel, 
>but I get an error when I try to typeset. Here's an example:
>The console reads:
>!Undefined control sequence
><recently read> \mathbb
>I.440 $\mathbb
>		{a}$

Two problems, \mathbb is part of the amssymb or amsfont packagees, 
which you aren't calling.
Second, they only provide characters for the uppercase letters, so 
\matthbb{a} will yield weirdness anyway. If you really want bbmath 
lower case letters, then you need to use the bbold package.


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