[OS X TeX] macro: "insert references" accross multiple files, labels in toolbar-drop-down

Thomas Käufl kaeufl at ira.uka.de
Tue Jul 1 14:41:08 EDT 2008


Am 29. Jun 2008 um 22:24 schrieb Rolf Schmolling:

> I finally got around to properly divide my thesis into sub-files,  
> each in its own folder, put together in a main-tex-file (master- 
> document) via \include which resides in the root-folder of that  
> arrangement.

I just checked the command "insert references" with a document
where its chapters are contained in separate files. But they
reside in the same folder as the master document. This
may be the reason that all label definitions are found by this
> Now I struggle with the many references.
> The built-in macro "insert references" searches only currently open  
> document and not across files. The drop-down-item in the document- 
> toolbar again displays only those references/labels within  the  
> same document.
> Is there a way to get all of them either in the macro and in the  
> drop-down-item?

I checked the definition of "insert references" it doesn't
seem to be easy.

As far as I understand your mail you now want to enter the
cross references. Perhaps the package showkeys could make
your work a little bit easier. In the dvi-file or the pdf
the package displays the defined labels the place of their
definitions and the places where they are used.

Thomas Käufl

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