[OS X TeX] LatexIt 1.15.0 and MacTex errors

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Jul 4 18:19:04 EDT 2008

Am 04.07.2008 um 23:34 schrieb Jack Stalnaker:

> Bash completion's definitions get sourced in .bash_profile, which  
> is supposed to be read on an interactive login shell according to  
> man bash.

Right! So the question is, why LaTeXiT is creating a login or  
interactive shell. When you choose "About" LaTeXiT, you'll find  
Pierre Chatelier's eMail address.

One option is to make inclusion of bash completion depending from  
$TERM. If this variable is not empty and not set to "dumb," then  
you're probably in an interactive session. In writing this I imagine  
that some users might have set PATH definitions and variable settings  
for interactive session. In order to make LaTeXiT work Pierre  
Chatelier might have chosen to launch an interactive session to have  
these settings.

Actually I, a stubborn tcsh (and GNU Emacs) user, am not seeing this  
– on Tiger. On Leopard, I read that Bourne shell like behaviour was  
mendeled away from /bin/sh ...

Again, I think a very good check of what is going on is to include  
these little echo statements I mentioned earlier. Then you'll  
definitely see which bash RC files are sourced in by /bin/sh spawned  
by LaTeXiT.



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