[OS X TeX] Re-installing MacTex 2007

Owen Densmore owen at backspaces.net
Mon Jul 7 18:42:29 EDT 2008

I've got an existing install of TeX that I'd like to simplify/ 
upgrade.  My /usr/local/texlive dir is dated July 20 2007.

Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure how I made my initial install!  I  
*think* I used Gerben Wierda's TeX distribution.

Things look like:
   - I have a system preference for TeX allowing me to switch
     between gwTeX and TeXLive-2007.
   - I have a TeX folder in /Applications with a single app,
     "TeX Distribution Helper", which is the sys pane for
     switching between TeX distros.
   - I have an older MacTeX.dmg dated 7/20/07 722.1MB, but the
     current MacTeX.dmg is dated 11/30/07, 744.4 MB.
   - There's a version of i-package in my utilities dir, dated
     July 20, 07
   - /usr/local contains both gwTeX and texlive.  The difference
     in size is a bit surprising:
       342M  gwTeX
       1.3G  texlive
     .. but this could be caused by different strategies in
     use of Mac Frameworks and simlinks.

Things work in that I can use textmate to magically create pdf's from  
a test document.  I get errors with LaTeXiT, however, and cannot get  
it to show any formula. I've checked LaTeXiT's install directories and  
they appear to be correct.

So: I'd like to move to a simpler install.  I'm certainly not a TeX  
expert, I mainly use it for math typesetting.  So I doubt I need  
anything fancy.

I *think* I simply need to remove the gwTeX distro, probably toss i- 
package, remove the TeX Distribution Sys Prefs panel, and install the  
latest MacTeX via the latest .dmg.  Is this right?  I ask because I've  
been through some fairly difficult installs and would like this to all  
work right!

    -- Owen

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