[OS X TeX] Re-installing MacTex 2007

Owen Densmore owen at backspaces.net
Mon Jul 7 23:26:32 EDT 2008

On Jul 7, 2008, at 5:59 PM, David Watson wrote:
>> <snip>
> There is no requirement to delete your gwTeX distro, just select the  
> TeXLive 2007 distribution from the System Preferences pane.

OK, that's easy!

> As for your problems with LaTeXiT,:
> a) you should probably update to the latest available version: http://ktd.club.fr/programmation/latexit_en.php

I've got the latest .. so that's not it.

> b) if you have any functions defined in ~/.bash_profile then you  
> should try to replace your .bash_profile with one that doesn't  
> include them, for the time being.

This could be it!  I've got lots of stuff in my .bashrc, which on the  
mac for some reason is read in by the .bash-profile .. probably not an  
issue here.

I do recall that the LaTeXiT log file had lots of messing about with  
the bash setup files and ran into trouble "while processing pdftex".

> c) if you don't have any idea what .bash_profile is, don't worry  
> about this step because you probably don't have any custom functions  
> defined.

I'll mess about with a "clean" login and see if it helps.  I always  
keep a test account on the Mac for this sort of thing.

<2 min later>  That fixed it!!  Now the hard part: how do I run  
without my many .bashrc functions!?

> There is no reason to delete the entire TeXLive distribution just  
> because LaTeXiT doesn't function correctly.

Agreed, but I do want to install the later version of MacTex .. it  
clearly has changed and has some applications I should be using.

Do you know if its OK to simply install the new MacTex on top of the  
earlier one??

Thanks for the response, you nailed the LaTeXiT problem!

    -- Owen

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