[OS X TeX] AW: problem with german characters

rcsapo at sms.at rcsapo at sms.at
Wed Jul 9 09:45:32 EDT 2008

Well, issue solved. This's got nothing to do with installed packages... I reinstalled a former version of TeXShop (2.09 instead of 2.14) and now everything works as planned.


Hello TeXperts,

My system:
Distribution: texlive
Editor: TeXShop 2.15
OS 10.4 on a G4 iBook (if that matters)

My minimum example:
Ein Test mit Umlauten ä ö ü.

My problem:
Something (most likely the update from tetex to texlive) caused problems with
german vowels, such as ä, ö, ü, etc. so that TeXShop always
prompts an "undefined control sequence" when trying to set them. I
already checked on the proper encoding (ISO Latin 1) under
TeXShop/Preferences/Document and saved the file accordingly.

For once, Herb Schulz couldn't solve an issue (s.

Any help is highly appreciated. Cheers,

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