[OS X TeX] Embedding Type 1 fonts into both ps and PDF file

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Jul 10 20:09:16 EDT 2008

Am 10.07.2008 um 23:18 schrieb Jan Erik Moström:

> Does anyone have any advice/help on this?

The xpdf suite contains pdffonts (and pdfinfo).

You can setup TeX to embed those PostScript fonts that do not need  
inclusion (embedded or otherwise). And you can tell dvips to embed  
the fonts (-j1: download fonts partially).

	sudo updmap-sys --setoption dvipsDownloadBase=true
	sudo updmap-sys --setoption pdftexDownloadBase14=true
	sudo updmap-sys --setoption dvipdfmDownloadBase14=true

This will enable TeX to embed the fonts – and *you* need to provide  
these fonts on your system! A work-around is to use the free urw++  

	sudo updmap-sys --setoption LW35=URWkb
	sudo updmap-sys --setoption LW35=URW

Only *one* of these two commands can be used, based on which fonts  
you have installed, those with the Karl Berry names (uhvbo8ac.*) or  
those with the original urw++ names (n019064l).

You could also mention which fonts need to be embedded.



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