texwork (was Re: [OS X TeX] synctex)

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Jul 11 15:02:07 EDT 2008

Le 11 juil. 08 à 18:50, Richard Koch a écrit :

> On Jul 11, 2008, at 8:28 AM, William Adams wrote:
>> \begin{historicnitpicking}
>> To be fair, I think it'd be nice to mention that TeXshop in turn  
>> was inspired by TeXview.app on NeXTstep....
>> \end{historicnitpicking}
> Thanks for adding this historical note, which is correct. It may  
> matter only to those few of us who had NeXT machines.

But TeXview drew inspiration from Textures on the Mac, isn't it?  
Textures, if I'm not mistaken, was a project launched by Addison- 
Wesley which finally was released independently, by Blue Sky Research  
(then Barry Smith and Doug Henderson) in 1986.

It was made easier by the fact the Mac was programmed in Pascal at the  
time, and Don Knuth's web, the language TeX was originally programmed  
in, was a dialect of Pascal.

I think I read a text mentioning this history somewhere, maybe by  
Nelson Beebe.

Bruno Voisin

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