[OS X TeX] Squeezing text into boxes

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Thu Jul 17 11:22:53 EDT 2008

On 17 jul 2008, at 16:49, Randy Scott wrote:

> 1. A framed box of text of a specific width AND height (so it  
> matches the
> graphing calculator button)
> and
> 2. The text squeezed into the specific sized box (don't want to flow  
> out the
> ends.)
> I suspect the resolution to #1 is just something I've missed in all  
> the
> documentation, but #2 seems tougher. I know I could individually  
> adjust each
> bit of text for each button, but it would sure be nice to not have  
> to do
> that.
> Any ideas, suggestions or comments about how I might be able to do  
> these
> tasks?

#2: use the graphicx package: \resizebox*{hlength}{vlength}{text}

the resizebox can be placed within an \fbox for a combined result.

see texdoc grfguide for more details.


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