[OS X TeX] Squeezing text into boxes

Alain Matthes alain.matthes at mac.com
Fri Jul 18 06:09:11 EDT 2008

Le 18 juil. 08 à 11:32, Franck Pastor a écrit :

>> For this reason, I suggest that pstricks is best avoided if you are  
>> not already familiar with it. All signs of the future of tex point  
>> to a pdf-based workflow, not a dvi-based workflow (xetex, luatex).  
>> If you need the functionality of pstricks, the use of metapost is  
>> probably a better idea as it is compatible with the pdf-based  
>> workflow. Especially with the integration of OpenType and Unicode,  
>> dvi is on its way out.

Another solution is to use TikZ.



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