[OS X TeX] Bold italic or slanted sans?

Franck Pastor franck.pastor at skynet.be
Wed Jul 23 12:33:28 EDT 2008

Le 23-juil.-08 à 17:34, Michael Kubovy a écrit :

> Dear LaTeXers,
> How do I produce bold italic or slanted sans serif?

The default family of fonts (Computer Modern) does not have an italic  
sans-serif font, nor a slanted sans-serif one. The Latin Modern  
fonts, on the contrary, has a slanted bold sans serif one. Same thing  
for the cm-super fonts. As for the commands, you could use, for example:

\usepackage{lmodern}%comment this one if you want to use cm-super
{\bfseries\slshape\sffamily Your text in a bold slanted sans serif font}


\textbf{\textsl{\textsf{Your text in a bold slanted sans serif font}}}

The last version introduces automatically an "italic correction" at  
the end of the sentence.

Note: for the sans serif font of Latin Modern and cm-super, there is  
no true italics. Hence, \itshape and \slshape both give the slanted  
version, as for \textit and \textsl.

I don't know any family of fonts that proposes an italic sans serif  
font. Is there any?


Franck Pastor

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