[OS X TeX] Bold italic or slanted sans?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Wed Jul 23 12:34:35 EDT 2008

Le 23 juil. 08 à 17:34, Michael Kubovy a écrit :

> How do I produce bold italic

\textbf{\textit{...}} or {\bfseries\itshape ...}

> or slanted sans serif?

\textsf{\textit{...}} or {\sffamily\itshape ...}

In both cases, you need to use a font "family" containing the proper  
face (bold italic or slanted sans serif) in the first place. Computer  
Modern does in both cases (there's cmbxti10 and cmssi10), but not all  
font families do.

Bruno Voisin

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