[OS X TeX] BibDesk 1.3.18

Adam M. Goldstein a.m.goldstein at mac.com
Thu Jul 24 18:03:35 EDT 2008

The BibDesk development team is proud to announce that BibDesk 1.3.18  
is available. Many bugs have been fixed, and some new features have  
been added as well.

Visit http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/ to download the new version.

Release notes are as follows.

Changes since 1.3.17

New Features
	• Registered template names are now accessible through AppleScript
	• RTemplate option for new name join style using ampersand
	• Support for Spires in web group
	• Download files to default download folder when auto-file is turned  
on and there is sufficient filename information
	• Add hidden default for default download location, see the Wiki for  
	• Add hidden defaults for ISI search group
	• Add hidden default for default browser
Bugs Fixed
	• Allow again to drop parseable files on groups to add new items to  
this group. Dropping on the whole group table adds an external file  
	• Fix duplicate items after search (bug # 1926868)
	• Fix creating new publications using a BibTeX string in AppleScript
	• Fix an infinite hang (bug # 1965986)
	• Fix smart group comparisons, in particuar for prefix and suffix
	• Fix opening rich text templates with the template editor
	• Add real support for "Any Field" in smart groups
	• We should not allow editing any property of an author in AppleScript
	• Fix scroll position after redoing a quick search, in particular  
after deleting an item (bug # 1965441)
	• Fix key view loop in publication detail window, you can now tab  
through the fields and the files
	• Fix check for TeX preview window visibility, whioch could lead to  
an inconsistent state when viewing the log (bug # 1970554)
	• More efficient handling of fields containing raw bibtex
	• Use Helvetica for count badge in group table, looks better because  
of no serifs
	• Drop linked files and URLs in bibtex used for TeX generation
	• Reinsert Zoom item in Windows menu
	• More fine grained zoom control in preview windows
	• Fix dependencies wheh using "%s" format specifier
	• Make absolutely sure no invalid characters are entered or generated  
in cite keys
	• Fixes to creating and modifying groups in AppleScript
	• Make sure the import script hook is called when importing  
publications by merging in external items or hitting an Import button
	• Avoid crasher in file search (bug # 1902762)
	• Add more validation of field names, so invalid field names can  
never be chosen
	• Allow auto-completion of special field names with spaces on Leopard
	• Fix dependency fields for auto-file and cite key format
	• Remove extraneous check marks in various popup buttons
	• Use tool tips for URL columns instead of status messages for better  
	• Add month from RIS PY field if present (bug # 1966538)
	• Improve ISI search groups, fix a hang and allow extending searches
	• Improved scripting support for (search) groups
	• Improve support for selecting items by dropping an .aux file on the  
main table
	• Fix scripting of authors. Use correct key for authors in a  
	• Remove braces in exported EndNote XML and add comma at end of  
corporate author
	• Use a different temporary folder, because not everyone has a  
chewable items folder
	• Fix various leaks
	• Workaround for a system bug when undoing entering an illegal  
character in a cite key or field name
	• Improve reliability of background processes

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