[OS X TeX] Search in Skim vs search in AR vs Preview

Victor Ivrii vivrii at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 06:28:42 EDT 2008

BTW, if I type in my original document $x$ it cannot be found by
typing x. Removing cmap, inputenc, fontenc allows to find $x$.

While many people believe that searching in math formulae is stupid I
disagree. There are too many authors who introducing some notation on
page 36 do not use it until page 87 when they fail to explain WTH
$\widehat{\tilde{\bar{\mathcal{Z}}}}$ means.

The good question what we are looking for:






Copying from pdf output $x$ finds  its instances ($x$ and $x^2$).
However it does not find a single x.
(paste $x$ in findbox looks likehieroglyph but works). Removing mmap
treat $x$ as x.

This is a very good question what is desired behavior. Definitely this
question is not for MacOSX TeX group. However original post just
demonstrated that different viewers have different search engines and
it may be both beneficial and confusing

Victor Ivrii, Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto

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