[OS X TeX] Nonenumerated text in an enumerated list

Scott, Randy Scott_Randy at sccollege.edu
Tue Jul 29 08:19:33 EDT 2008

Good Morning,

First, thanks to those who responded to my last question about squeezing text into boxes. Your ideas worked great and I finished that little project.

Today, I'm trying to make a handout for a class. There will be some text instructions, followed by some numbered problems, then more instructions that are to be aligned with the left margin (not with the enumerated text), then more numbered problems (continuing the enumeration from the first set of problems), more text, etc.

I've read the (seemingly) pertinent sections in my "Latex Companion" a few times, but it seems to say that anything in an enumerate environment needs to be an \item.

Any ideas?

Thanks, as always,

Randy Scott
Santiago Canyon College
Orange, CA

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