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Josep Maria Font jmfont at ub.edu
Thu Jul 31 13:18:12 EDT 2008

El 31/07/2008, a las 15:56, Bruno Voisin escribió:

> - According to the Lance Carnes interview <http://www.tug.org/ 
> interviews/interview-files/lance-carnes.html>, in the early days of  
> commercial TeX there was, among other implementations, one by Dave  
> Kellerman and Barry Smith (from Kellerman & Smith) for the DEC VAX  
> and one by Barry Smith (from Blue Sky Research) for the Mac.
> - According to an editorial in TUGboat 9 <http://www.tug.org/ 
> TUGboat/Articles/tb09-2/tb21beet-new.pdf>, Kellerman & Smith parted  
> ways in 1988, with Dave Kellerman keeping the VAX platform and  
> Barry Smith keeping the Mac. Textures was announced to reach  
> version 1.01 then.
> - According to an earlier bug report in TUGboat 8 <http:// 
> www.tug.org/TUGboat/Articles/tb09-2/tb21beet-new.pdf>, Textures was  
> in prerelease in 1987, at version 0.95.

Bruno, this last link is the same as the second one!

Anyway, the info from the first item slightly conflicts with what I  
recall: that the first TeXtures (after having used "MacTeX"!) came to  
me first from Addison-Wesley and then from Kellerman & Smith, and  
that Blue Sky Research was created precisely when Dave and Barry  
separated. I think reading the article from the second link gives a  
more approximate picture to what I recall (although it does not  
settle if BSR did exist previously or not; I would say no as I recall  
receiving glamorous announcements of the new company, logos, the new  
"tennis field" icon, etc.).


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