[OS X TeX] Re: Problem with psnup

Joachim Kock jkock at start.no
Thu Jun 12 15:48:34 EDT 2008

Thanks Luis for reproducing the bug, and for pointing out the
pdfpages package.

Thanks Peter for various interesting inputs.

> > Is there a way to query the value of the paper-size setting?
>For TeX:	grep ^@ /usr/local/texlive/2007/texmf-config/dvips/config/
>config.ps | head -1

I was rather thinking about a decent interface: just like you do

    texconfig-sys dvips paper a4

in order to set this parameter, you ought to be able to

    texconfig-sys dvips paper

to query it -- this seems not to be the case.

>For psnup:	grep DocumentMedia <output file>

In my case this gives no return value.

>In case of psnup you can check whether you've installed the psnup or 
>the psnup-a4 package. The former uses letter as default media size.

Since my installation is a stock MacTeX installation, other people
could answer this better than me: which one is included in the
MacTeX distribution?

I never heard about psnup-a4, and a search on the internet yielded
only one hit, namely the Gmane archive of your message to this list!

>I don't seem to be able to understand what you both encounter! A 
>picture could tell more than a few eMails.

I have uploaded a ps file to http://mat.uab.cat/~kock/tmp/two.ps

It was produced from the latex document test.tex:


and then

    latex test
    dvips -o one.ps test
    psnup -d -2 one.ps two.ps


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