[OS X TeX] latexit issues

Jan Anderssen jan at linguist.umass.edu
Sun Jun 15 11:12:50 EDT 2008

hey derek -

> And here's the entire error log:

as expected, your example works without problems here, but i noticed  
that the environment created by latexit is different for the two of us.

i don't know which variables are used and when, but maybe it would be  
worth trying to play around with that.

out of curiosity, i grepped around in latexit's source code (thanks to  
pierre for making it available!) and it seems that in principle  
somebody would can understand that stuff could figure out how the  
environment is assembled by looking at AppControler.m.

i could only extract two comments:

	//add ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist
	//run the "set" command to get the environment variables

i don't have the first file, and indeed the environment latexit sets  
is pretty much what i get when running 'set' in the bash shell.

the path is prepended with a few options that latexit seems to  
consider worth checking:

	//usual unix PATH (to find latex)
   	  NSArray* usualBins =
     	  [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"/bin", @"/sbin",
       		@"/usr/bin", @"/usr/sbin",
       		@"/usr/local/bin", @"/usr/local/sbin",
       		@"/usr/texbin", @"/usr/local/texbin",
       		@"/sw/bin", @"/sw/sbin",
       		@"/sw/usr/bin", @"/sw/usr/sbin",
      		@"/sw/local/bin", @"/sw/local/sbin",
       		@"/sw/usr/local/bin", @"/sw/usr/local/sbin",
       		@"/opt/local/bin", @"/opt/local/sbin",

maybe it'd be worth checking if you have a ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist  
file, and if so, if temporarily moving that out of the way helps.

i also noticed that one of the environment variables that's set here is:


i have no idea where that's coming from - presumably from the  
operating system - but it seems to be missing for you. maybe that's  
something that could lead somewhere?

anyway, though by no means any solution, i hope i'm not barking up the  
wrong tree, and maybe this will get you a step further.

good luck,

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