[OS X TeX] latexit issues

Jan Anderssen jan at linguist.umass.edu
Sun Jun 15 14:38:44 EDT 2008


> Thanks for the clarification. It's perhaps purely academic at this  
> point, but this now does beg the question, why TMPDIR is set on the  
> OP's computer, and whether unsetting it might somehow miraculously  
> fix things? In particular, who owns that directory? It doesn't sound  
> to me like var is a directory that was meant to be easily user- 
> writable.

Things might have accidentally gotten switched around here:

TMPDIR isn't (or at least appears not to be) set on the OPs computer,  
but it is on mine, where things work. Now that might be completely co- 
incidental, but I thought it was worth pointing out, since we were  
speculating about that directory.

TMPDIR is set on my computer even after restarting it, and it's not in  
my .bash_profile (and I don't have any other customizations as far as  
i can tell), so I, like David, don't know where it's set.

However, it seems that LatexIt makes use of NSTemporaryDirectory(),  
which returns the same directory as TMPDIR, but doesn't seem to care  
much about what's in my .bash_profile. I tried to explicitly set  
TMPDIR there, and even after logging in and out, LatexIt now "exports"  
the TMPDIR I have in my .bash_profile, but continues to use the one  
that NSTemporaryDirectory() returns.

If anybody knows how to change this directory, Derek could try to do  
so and see if that helps the problems.

Alternatively, maybe forcing a "chown" on the current temporary  
directory (/var/folders/xE/xEm5OXIjHROVEkNVZizEOU+++TI/-Tmp-/) to  
change the owner might help. Or simply (if there's nothing important  
in there) deleting/moving it?


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