[OS X TeX] svnX and Leopard [OT]

David Watson dewatson at mac.com
Mon Jun 16 21:15:53 EDT 2008

OK, I downloaded svnX to test it out, and everything works as expected  
(it fails because the volume that the svnserve is on isn't mounted :)

In your case, the important event is happening at the server, when  
tcsh is being invoked.
Since this is not a login shell, tcsh will not evaluate the .login  
file, so you need to copy the relevant PATH settings from your .cshrc  
or .tcshrc file to your .login file; if you have implemented the ~/ 
Library/init/tcsh/path setup, then ensure that the PATH that is set in  
the relevant file contains the path to svnserve on your server.

Hopefully this clears things up for you!

On Jun 16, 2008, at 7:50 PM, Alan Munn wrote:

> At 7:17 PM -0500 6/16/08, David Watson wrote:
>> On Jun 16, 2008, at 11:36 AM, Alan Munn wrote:
>>> Hi, I sent the following to the subverion list, but noone replied,  
>>> probably because it's too Mac specific.  Since I know some of us  
>>> here use svn, perhaps someone here has encountered this problem  
>>> and knows how to solve it.
>>> I use svnX on Macs to access my repositories using svn+ssh. Now  
>>> with a new machine running OS 10.5.3 I get the following error:
>>> tchs: svnserve: Command not found
>> Did you copy the above? Because "tcsh" would be more sensible than  
>> "tchs".
>> This leads me to believe that for some reason svnX is using tcsh as  
>> the default shell, which you may or may not have set the proper  
>> paths for in your .tcshrc or .cshrc files, since bash has been the  
>> default shell for a while now.
> No, that's a typo. It is tcsh in the actual error. Two (possibly  
> relevant) facts. The default shell on the server is csh not bash,  
> but on the client machine, the shell is bash.  But I don't know how  
> svnX interacts with shells at all. There is no preference for  
> setting that.
> Alan
>>> svn: Connection closed unexpectedly
>>> I can access the repository from the command line, but not through  
>>> the client.  I've set up a dsa key specifically for subversion,  
>>> and added it to the authorized keys on the server machine. This  
>>> works for two other Macs running 10.4.  (One these machines I use  
>>> sshagent, but I understand this is not required on OS 10.5.
>>> In the authorized keys file on the server side the key for  
>>> subversion includes the prefix "command=/usr/local/bin/svnserve - 
>>> t" .
>>> Should this command  have a path that is to svnserve on the server  
>>> side? (The server is running 10.4, so svn is in /usr/local/bin  
>>> whereas svn is now part of OS 10.5, so on the client machine it's  
>>> in /usr/bin.  Could this be a source of the problem?
>>> Any help much appreciated.
>>> Alan

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