[OS X TeX] TexShop with Psfrag - Need Help

Catherine Taff polycat33 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 18:44:02 EDT 2008

I am new to LaTeX, using TexShop and trying to get psfrag to work,  
but am having no luck so far.

Psfrag seems to work fine in using LaPrint with Matlab. What I want  
to do now is have it work with tags I put on images not created in  
Matlab, for example something I drew using Photoshop. I first tried  
using Photoshop 7 on my Mac to create the .eps and psfrag didn't work  
with it (no errors, just didn't work). I thought maybe Photoshop  
wasn't doing it right, since EPS wasn't an optional file format for  
saving, but "Photoshop EPS" was (are they different?).

I tried using Mathematica 6, putting a tag on a graph created in  
Mathematica by using the draw capability and entering text, but that  
didn't work either. I'm not getting any error messages again, it's  
just not doing the replacement. I read through the documentation on  
psfrag and it said you can examine your ESP document as an ASCII and  
see how the tag is shown in there in order to make sure you're  
calling it right with psfrag. It said there would be

(thetag) show

somewhere in the ASCII version. I didn't find "show" anywhere in my  
Photoshop EPS and didn't find it in reference to the tag I added in  
my Mathematica-created EPS - though in the Mathematica one I found my  
tag referenced like this (the tag is "Rf"):

%      "]]}}, InsetBox[Cell["Rf"], {4.649821375409347, \
%4271.379822432118}, {-1., 0.}]},

It seems since it's not in there like:

(thetag} show

that it won't work with psfrag? Is that correct? Has anyone had  
success with Mathematica-added tags and psfrag? What program should I  
be using to add my tags in order to get psfrag to work? Are any of  
the problems I'm having related to the fact that I'm using TexShop?  
Sorry for all the questions, I'm still very new to all this.


PS. I feel like TexShop is too good to be true - it seems to have all  
the functions in the one program when other ways of having LaTeX on a  
Mac involve many many programs. Are there limitations to TexShop that  
I'll run into in the future if I keep using it? Are there better ways  
of using LaTeX on a Mac?

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