[OS X TeX] TeXShop too good to be true?

David Cross davidcross at charter.net
Wed Jun 18 23:06:34 EDT 2008


In regards to your "PS" I tried TeXShop, which is fine, but I much 
prefer Aquamacs (with AUCTeX) ... Perhaps because I have been using 
Emacs for quite a while, I am not sure.

David Cross

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Catherine Taff wrote:
> I am new to LaTeX, using TexShop and trying to get psfrag to work, but 
> am having no luck so far.
> Psfrag seems to work fine in using LaPrint with Matlab. What I want to 
> do now is have it work with tags I put on images not created in 
> Matlab, for example something I drew using Photoshop. I first tried 
> using Photoshop 7 on my Mac to create the .eps and psfrag didn't work 
> with it (no errors, just didn't work). I thought maybe Photoshop 
> wasn't doing it right, since EPS wasn't an optional file format for 
> saving, but "Photoshop EPS" was (are they different?).
> I tried using Mathematica 6, putting a tag on a graph created in 
> Mathematica by using the draw capability and entering text, but that 
> didn't work either. I'm not getting any error messages again, it's 
> just not doing the replacement. I read through the documentation on 
> psfrag and it said you can examine your ESP document as an ASCII and 
> see how the tag is shown in there in order to make sure you're calling 
> it right with psfrag. It said there would be
> (thetag) show
> somewhere in the ASCII version. I didn't find "show" anywhere in my 
> Photoshop EPS and didn't find it in reference to the tag I added in my 
> Mathematica-created EPS - though in the Mathematica one I found my tag 
> referenced like this (the tag is "Rf"):
> %      "]]}}, InsetBox[Cell["Rf"], {4.649821375409347, \
> %4271.379822432118}, {-1., 0.}]},
> It seems since it's not in there like:
> (thetag} show
> that it won't work with psfrag? Is that correct? Has anyone had 
> success with Mathematica-added tags and psfrag? What program should I 
> be using to add my tags in order to get psfrag to work? Are any of the 
> problems I'm having related to the fact that I'm using TexShop? Sorry 
> for all the questions, I'm still very new to all this.
> -Catherine
> PS. I feel like TexShop is too good to be true - it seems to have all 
> the functions in the one program when other ways of having LaTeX on a 
> Mac involve many many programs. Are there limitations to TexShop that 
> I'll run into in the future if I keep using it? Are there better ways 
> of using LaTeX on a Mac?
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