[OS X TeX] svnX and Leopard [OT]

David Watson dewatson at mac.com
Thu Jun 19 17:38:07 EDT 2008


Would it be possible for you to try opening a (bash) Terminal and running:
    eval `ssh-agent -s`
    open -a svnX
and then try connecting? This will use the built-in ssh-agent in Mac OS X, and possibly it will pass along the proper credentials.

I noticed that SSH Agent weblog hasn't been updated since 2006, if that is what you are using.
Maybe the build in ssh-agent will work better?
My thoughts are that the ssh credentials aren't being passed from your client to the server.
It would be helpful if svnX allowed you to specify ssh to run with the -vvv option, for diagnosis of problems with your connection.

As always, good luck.
  David Watson
On Thursday, June 19, 2008, at 10:37AM, "Alan Munn" <amunn at msu.edu> wrote:
>At 8:27 PM -0500 6/16/08, David Watson wrote:
>>If the problem has something to do with the interaction with the old 
>>svnserve, then Alan will still need to fix the problem on the server 
>>end, no matter which client he uses.
>>   David
>Hi David, you're right, but that's my problem, and what I really 
>don't understand. The svnserve command is issued by, and runs on the 
>server, no? So my authorized keys entry for the new Mac should have
>command="/usr/local/bin/svnserve -t"  <rest of public key>
>This is exactly what I have for the other two machines (so my 
>server's authorized keys has three entries like this.) It also has 
>three entries without the command part for regular ssh access.
>The following things work:
>svnX access from the old machines (using sshagent for the keys)
>ssh access from the terminal for all three machines
>svn access from the terminal from all three machines
>Here's what doesn't work:
>svnX access from the new machine.
>I'm really stumped. Hopefully the spinning out of control of this 
>thread won't distract from actually solving my problem....

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