[OS X TeX] Re: Leopard, MacTeX2007 and gv

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sat Jun 28 06:20:51 EDT 2008

Le 28 juin 08 à 09:29, Eric van der Oord a écrit :

> I get he following message :
> 	configure: error: Unable to find a valid Xaw3d library. Please  
> install it and rerun configure.
> Of course I installed Xaw3d wih i-installer before.
> I guess there is some path problem...

What do you get with "echo $PATH"? On a vanilla Leopard setup you  
should get:


And with MacTeX-2007 installed you'll get:


Likely culprits are customized initialization files (like ~/.profile)  
you would have moved over from a pre-Leopard setup. Modified files / 
etc/csh.login, /etc/profile and /usr/share/misc/man.conf are also  
sources for concern. The way to set environment variables, in  
particular PATH and MANPATH, has changed in Leopard; see for example <http://www.uoregon.edu/~koch/LeopardTeXFix.rtf 

That said, the problem may lie within your Xaw3D installation. If I'm  
not mistaken, the i-Package should have installed the following files:


where by * I mean a number of files (77 of them) with different names.  
The install location is defined by the variable install_location set  
to /usr/X11R6 in Xaw3d.ii2/Xaw3d.plist, with /usr/X11R6 a symlink to / 
usr/X11 in Leopard.

Do you have these files? Are they dated 3 November 2006 (except for  
the symlinks /usr/X11/lib/libXaw3d.7.dylib and /usr/X11/lib/ 
libXaw3d.dylib)? Did you define a variable II2INSTALLDIR in  
Preferences > Environment in i-Installer, overriding the install  
location defined within the Xaw3d i-Package?

Bruno Voisin

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