[OS X TeX] Numbering pages on PDF-documents

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Sun Mar 2 09:12:40 EST 2008

At 11:35 AM +0100 3/2/08, Manuel wrote:
>Am 29/02/2008 um 00:20 schrieb Chris Skeels:
>Thank you, Chris. The pages are now numbered (I used page style 
>"headers"), but the numbers appear too far inside the page. How do I 
>get them to be printed, say, 1 cm below the top end of the paper and 
>2 cm from the left or right ends? Thanks,

Use the geometry package for this sort of thing.

For your specific example:

\usepackage[hmargin=2cm, vmargin=1cm, includeheadfoot]{geometry}

>There is also a "hack" , quote:
>"involves copying a LaTeX style file to your directory.
>Assuming that your files are in the directory ~/latex, type:
>	attach sipb
>	cp /mit/sipb/share/tex/macros/simplemargins.sty ~/latex"
>with the warning:
>"NOTE: This is a hack!  It will only work at MIT"
>(I wonder what the Cal Tech guys think of it)

Since it involves copying a file that is on MIT's local distributed 
computing system (athena) to your folder on that same local system, 
it truly will only work at MIT.  The "only at MIT" reference is about 
how to get the file, not how the LaTeX package itself works...


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